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Hair Iron (EP-O)

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Hair Iron (EP-0)

  • Ceramic heater : Temperature can be restored quickly. Can be ised within 30 seconds.
  • Cushion system: The heating plate can be attached closely by forcing it lightly. Styling can be performed with small number of activities.
  • Tourmaline ion : Possible to operate smoothly, and make hair bouncy and healthy.
  • Due to its heat - protechtion design the risk of burn is reduced.
  • Ergonomics design will help minimize the burden the operators would feel at their wrists.
  • Can be used more safely as the dual micom will prevent overheating fundamentally.
  • A red indicator will be turned on while heating and a green indicator will bw turned on when the target temperature is reached, making it possible to check it visually.
  • A 360-degree rotation cord is adopted to enhance the convenience for the uses.


220V / 75W / 60Hz
Weight (g)
Wind speed
13.5 m/s
150 - 220°C
Cord length
Standards of the heat plate
23 x 91 mm
265 x 30mm